Extensive experience and continuous training from the Technical Office means LLANO can provide a comprehensive service for each individual project, from surveys and design work to setting up and implementing projects (in all kinds of buildings), providing a highly qualified and professional service in the following areas

  • Air Conditioning Installations, Heating and Hot Water for Sanitary Use Installations
  • Ventilation and Industrial Cooling Installations
  • Control and Regulation Installations
  • Combustible Gas Installations
  • Oil Installations
  • Pressurised Equipment and Device Installations
  • Aerothermics Installations
  • Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Biomass and Renewable Energy Installations
  • Energy Audits


are the four basic pillars on which our company service policy rests"



Electricidad Llano S.L. - Polígono Espíritu Santo, parc. 34 - 33010 - Oviedo. Asturias
Tf.: 985 98 53 98 ·

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